Below are some FAQ answers...

1) If I am a PTA member am I required to volunteer?

NO, being a PTA member does not require you to do anything! It is a way to financially support the PTA & School, but most importantly show your support to MLK. You may be surprised to know kids take great pride in sharing with their classmates that their mom or dad are part of the PTA.

2) Do I need to be a PTA Member to volunteer for PTA Events?

Yes. We ask all volunteers to be a PTA members. ALL parents with a PTA membership may always volunteer for events; like Book Fair, Holiday Boutique, picture days, science fair, Fun Field Day and many others. We need volunteers throughout the school year to help with events and even things you can do from home. Even if it's for an hour do consider volunteering. By being a member it shows parent support to our school and also helps in funding events for MLK students.

3) Do I need to be a PTA Member to be a class parent volunteer, head class parent or class chaperone?

Yes. PTA Membership is mandatory if you wish to be selected as a Class Parent Volunteers or Class Trip Chaperone (selections by the teachers). Class Parent Request forms are available under MY PTA, class parent Information tab or click here.

4) Where can I find volunteer opportunities with PTA?

Parents can find ways to volunteer under MY PTA, Volunteer with PTA tab and fill out the Volunteer survey to get connected. Also on the PTA home page found in the MLK PTA Announcements section there is a link to where we post spots for current volunteer opportunities.

5) Why does the PTA fund-raise and what are the PTA funds used for?

All the funds collected as membership fees and through our fundraising efforts throughout the year are used towards the better development and enrichment of our children during the school year. These funds help us pay for events like:

•In School Assemblies (2-3 throughout the year)

•Annual Author Visit

•Contribution per child towards class trips

•PJ Reading Night

•Science Fair

•Fun Field Day

•Cultural Arts/Assemblies

•Teacher Appreciation Week

•Fifth grade events & Graduation

and many more...