Board Position Descriptions

To provide guidance to the board on the roles of each of the positions the follow descriptions were developed. These descriptions are not comprehensive and may be adjusted by the current board to meet its needs.


  • Facilitate all board meetings and conference calls.

  • Serve as MidAIR liaison to AIR.

  • Communicate AIR news to MidAIR members.

  • Confirm date/time for MidAIR meeting at AIR Forum.

  • Contact potential plenary speakers with the assistance of the program chair.

  • Work with webmaster to keep conference information updated on website, including

    • Hotel information

    • Call for Proposals

    • Preliminary Program

    • Speakers

    • PDOs

  • Send out periodic conference updates to the MidAIR list serve or other lists of people to invite.

  • Compile list of people to invite to conference – use past conference attendance list, MidAIR membership list, list of AIR members within region.

  • Send out “save the date” postcards, email, etc.

  • Send conference announcements to other regional/affiliated groups.

  • Lead annual business meeting.

  • Give welcome address and provide leadership as needed throughout the conference proceedings.

  • Notify AIR of best paper winner for automatic slot at AIR Forum.

Program Chair

  • Solicit proposals from members and work with the Board of Directors to review the proposals and confirm them for presentation.

  • Work with the Local Arrangement Chair to schedule the presentations.

  • Develop in collaboration with the Speaker Relations Chair, conference schedule including time slots for presentations, meals.

  • Review the conference and session evaluation forms with Board of Directors, make any necessary changes, and reproduce for conference.

  • Ensure evaluation forms are adequately distributed at the conference, collected at session/conference end, and tabulated afterward.

  • Design and write brochures and emails to promote the conference and to encourage members to participate.

  • Develop conference program to include conference information.

  • Work with graphic designer and printer as necessary to produce any printed material.

  • Solicit prizes and giveaways for drawings throughout the conference.

  • Solicit volunteers to staff the registration table and to facilitate conference sessions.

  • Communicate with presenters regarding travel arrangements and special requests pertaining to equipment and scheduling.

Local Arrangements Chair

  • Identify conference location.

  • Work with conference hotel personnel to determine space availability.

  • Negotiate hotel package.

  • Select conference menus.

  • Coordinate conference room setup to meet needs of presenters, exhibitors, and registrants.

  • Coordinate registration process with hotel personnel.

  • Ensure that AV and technology needs of presenters are met.

  • Solicit local materials for registrants’ conference packets (area brochures, maps, entertainment).

  • Solicit door prizes from area restaurants and entertainment facilities.

  • Assist Program Chair with scheduling of program and PDO presentations.

  • Communicate hotel information for brochures.


  • Attend and record minutes during MidAIR Board meetings and phone conferences.

  • Transfer recorded minutes into an organized format and distribute to the Board members.

  • Assist with various endeavors related to MidAIR conference planning.

External Relations Coordinator

  • Develop list of potential conference sponsors and invite them to participate in the annual conference.

  • Organize tiered sponsorship system and coordinate which companies fall under each tier.

  • Serve as liaison to conference sponsors.

  • Send conference details to exhibitors.

  • Gather materials from exhibitors to include in attendee packets.

  • Send list of conference registrants to conference sponsors (where appropriate).

  • Send out request for Board officer nominations to MidAIR listerv.

  • Send out request for nominations for Julia Duckwall Award.

Speaker Relations Chair

  • Work with the Board of Directors to determine the conference theme and identify potential Professional Development Opportunities (PDOs) and plenary and keynote speakers.

  • Work with the Local Arrangement Chair to schedule the PDOs and Keynote Speakers

  • Develop mixer activities to encourage group involvement in social event(s).

  • Work with Treasurer, PDO presenters, and speakers to reimburse any travel expenses and award honorariums.

  • Develop in collaboration with the Program Chair, including time slots for group social event(s), speakers, pre-conference workshops.

Treasurer (ex-officio)

  • Collect annual conference registration and membership dues.

  • Maintain the MidAIR membership listing/directory.

  • Initiate payment of duly authorized expenses.

  • Prepare financial reports including the annual report due to the State of Kansas.

  • Prepare necessary documentation to obtain/maintain tax exempt status.

Electronic Services Coordinator (ex-officio)

  • Maintain the MidAIR website.

  • Communicate with AIR as appropriate.

  • Coordinate the online proposal and registration processes.