Temperature loggers

We are building a global meta-database of microclimate temperature datasets for use in ecological and agricultural modelling. Do you have georeferenced microclimate temperature data? Get in touch with i.m.d.maclean@exeter.ac.uk

Developed in partnership with the Soiltemps initiative, our our aim is to foster collaboration in microclimate research across the globe. Metadata of our growing database can however be freely explored. Clicking on the map below brings you to the microclimate loggers app, an effort to bring together all available microclimate data from across the globe.

Click on the symbols to see information about the data and to get in touch with researchers responsible for collecting it.

Building new dataloggers

Existing commercially available temperature loggers are ineffective for measuring microclimate temperatures. The thermometers have a high thermal heat capacity, which requires researchers to deploy radiation shields and these mask microclimate effects.

In partnership with Hawkshead Designs we are building and making ultra-low thermal mass logger stations to solve this issue.