Michael J. Farrand reads his narrative poems -- longish poems that tell a story -- at public readings, poetry slams, and private appearances. Popular favorites include "The Tycoon Who Craved Macaroon", "The Day God Invented Bluegrass", "The Man Who Gave All the Dreamers in Baseball Land Bigger Dreams to Dream", and "When Love Met Hate on the Causeway".

'Michael Farrand's narrative poem, "The Day God Invented Bluegrass," was a clever play of words, social commentaries, and jaunty asides. His presence had a soft low-key with a little poking fun to make the vignette an entertaining spot.'


He also reads his "An End to War", "With the Passing of the Storm", "Alternate Sun", "Confession", and "A Goomba Christmas".

Other historical biographies include "The Man Who Brought Royalty to America" and "The Man Who Saved History".

His Greek and Roman god series captures the lives of "Dionysus", "Orpheus", "Orion", "Bellerophon", and "Heracles". He also reads the classical creation story "In the Bare Beginning". All of these used Robert Graves' The Greek Myths (Volumes I & II) as their main source.

To his new historical narrative poem "Real Vermonter" he hopes to add another, and two historical biographies.

SLAM: Michael J. Farrand reading his narrative word poem "The Tycoon Who Craved Macaroon" as part of Geof Hewitt's Anything Goes Poetry Slam on April 14, 2017 in the lobby of the Lost Nation Theater in the Montpelier City Hall Arts Center as part of 2017 PoemCity.

RADIO: Michael J. Farrand reading his and narrative love poem "An End to War" and his love poem "Hold the World Together" on Rick Agran's radio show "Bon Mot" on WGDR — recorded during 2017 PoemCity in Montpelier, Vermont — broadcast April 23, 2017 from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont on 91.1 FM.

READING: Michael J. Farrand read his narrative poem "The Man Who Gave All the Dreamers in Baseball Land Bigger Dreams to Dream" in the Art Gallery at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum in St. Johnsbury, Vermont on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 — as part of 2017 PoemTown activities (video).