Michael J. Farrand is a poet, lyricist, playwright, screenwriter, blogger, essayist, and short story writer. He was noted as a writer throughout his professional career as a management consultant. He first turned his pen to plays and screenplays, after leaving the corporate world — and then to lyrics and poetry.

Samples of his latest poetry, stories, and short essays can be found at his blog Far and Few Between (click "poems", "essays", or "samples" in label cloud lower right). Earlier poetry can be viewed through this site.

He appears as "The People's Poet" at events, offering to write custom poems for those who request them.

His book of quatrains The Man Who Didn't Exist and other short poems Until We Learn to Rise are both published through Cosmic Burst Press and available on Amazon.

He developed the online resource "How to Write a Screenplay". He is inventor of Story Dynamics and compiler of the Magic Star of Dramatic Writing. For five years he administered the Empire Screenplay Contest.

He has written screenplays for production in Hollywood, as well as shorter scripts. He currently has a number of future film projects in the works. He provides script consulting and creates full-length screenplays on assignment.

He offers writing and editing services, including scripts and screenplays. He has written numerous online articles on assignment, served as technical writer for major consulting projects, and enhanced the presentation of ideas for others.

He recently converted the sprawling World War II novel of a 90+ year-old writer to the beginnings of a premium television series — and edited the biography of a Northern Virginia business woman and multi-generational novel of Vermont life.