EUREKA! The Life and Death Mystery of Edgar A. Poe: (one-man show) The troubled spirit of Edgar A. Poe, afraid history will be unkind to him, seeks answers to his life and death mysteries.

HEAVEN AND HELL: (international farce) What happens when a French chef resolves to become a mechanic, a German mechanic a policeman, a British policeman a chef, a Swiss businessman a lover, and an Italian arsonist-lover the ruler of the world?

SPARKISH: (adaptation) adapted from William Wycherley's The Country Wife. Just as funny, but shorter by a mile and with far fewer characters to play.

TREACHERY: (melodramatic farce) Royce Bentley, committed for twenty years to Cerebellum Manor because his outrageously profligate spending threatened his gold-digging mother's fortune, returns home to Wulfweardsweorth upon her death.

TOMB OF THE CAPULETS: (family comedy) America's royal family of the stage endure another seeming episode of their handsome father's infidelity, only to have everything set right in the end.

"An Offer He Can't Refuse": (short) Tony Montana comes to Michael Corleone on the day of his daughter's wedding to discuss his biggest problem . . WOMEN.