Until We Learn to Rise

Michael J. Farrand's book of quatrains The Man Who Didn't Exist presents selected four-line poems on love, life, place, wheels, philosophy, etc. each with a dedicated image. Until We Learn to rise is a second collection of exceptional short poems on life, love, philosophy, etc.

Greatest Unsolved Mystery is a collection of shorter poems on a variety of topics; many are presented with dedicated images to pique interest or add perspective. This volume includes samples of the author's sentence poems. Hope Springs Eternal Still uses web design format to heighten the artistic experience.

All books in this series are published through Cosmic Burst Press and are available on Amazon in paperback or e-book (Hope Springs Eternal Still in e-book only).

Greatest Unsolved Mystery
Hope Springs Eternal Still

"The utterly unique style and out-of-the-box thinking of this poem drew us in. Congratulations!" ASHLEIGH ELLSWORTH-KELLER

Michael J. Farrand's poetry has been published in a number of places, including: