Fall 2017:

  • Medical Image Analysis at the Department for Computer Science of the University of Copenhagen together with Sune Darkner.
  • Health care Technology at the Department for Computer Science of the University of Copenhagen and Denmarks Technical University together with Rasmus R. Paulsen.

Spring 2018:

I am supervising Bachelor and Master projects. Please contact me if you are interested.

Previous/current students:

  • Martin Nørgaard, "Optimizing preprocessing pipelines in PET/MRI neuroimaging", PhD project, 2016-2019, KU SUND.
  • Vincent Beliveau, "Brain connectivity of the serotonergic system", PhD project, 2014-2017, KU SUND.
  • Mark Juul Uhldahl, “Evaluating changes in same-subject multiple MR images over time”, Master thesis project, spring 2017, KU SUND.
  • Ditte Bentsen Christensen, „ Estimate short-term reproducibility of threat-related brain function assessed with fMRI “, spring 2017, Bachelor thesis project, KU SUND.
  • Mathias Kølvraa, “Do human annotations on MRI data pay off? A statistical comparison of two manually annotated and two automatically computed surfaces”, Master thesis project, 2016, KU SUND.
  • Martin Nørgaard, “Multivariate Estimation of Regional Seasonal Variations in SERT-levels in Seasonal Affective Disorder”, Master thesis project, spring 2015, DTU.
  • Emil Jakob Holm, “Automatisk detektion af strukturelle forandringer hos raske mennesker og patienter opereret for epilepsi i perioden 2011-2014”, Skolarstipendie projekt, 2015, KU SUND.