Meg's award-winning research has been published in numerous journals. She frequently publishes on positive psychological approaches to diversity, equity and inclusiveness, cultural factors affecting the well-being of marginalized groups, and on the science and practice of positive psychology.

Current Research

As instances of sexual assault, racially-motivated aggression, and LGBTQA+ discrimination are increasingly coming to light, many well-intentioned leaders and employees from dominant groups (e.g., cisgender men, Caucasians, heterosexual individuals) are becoming increasingly interested in standing up as allies to their marginalized group co-workers. Her current research explores how prosocial individuals from dominant groups can play active roles as allies, and how dominant group members can be engaged as potential resources and committed partners for equity and inclusion. In projects with students and collaborators she is exploring value motivations of allies, goal motivations of allies, egalitarianism in the age of Gen Zs, effectiveness of allyship strategies and interventions, bystander perceptions of allies, and organizational/institutional contexts conducive to allyship.

In another stream of research, she examines cultural factors affecting well-being at individual, organizational and societal levels. Her current projects are exploring a range of issues including positive approaches to combating gender-based violence in Congo, well-being and women's empowerment in Fiji, and allyship across social class in Dubai and China.

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* Previously published as Rao

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*Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) 2020 S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Award (for best dissertation)

*International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) Honorable Mention for Best Dissertation 2019

*Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Lee Hakel Graduate Student Scholarship

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*This paper won the “IJW Best Article of the Year” Award of 2018 based on citations and readership

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