Meg studies diversity and inclusiveness, ally attitudes and behaviors, empowering coworker relationships, and other-oriented virtues. She frequently publishes on the science of positive psychology.

Research Projects

Meg is a Research Associate at the Positive Organizational Psychology Research Lab, and Research Associate and Project Manager at the Gender, Culture, and Empowerment – Transnational Approaches Think Tank at Claremont Graduate University.

  • The Positive Organizational Psychology Research lab is dedicated to advancing scientific theory and empirical research in positive organizational psychology. Our purpose is to contribute to the scientific understanding of optimal functioning of employees, organizations, institutions, and communities. One of our current projects is examining positive psychology approaches to invigorating gender research in management. For more information visit the CGU POP Research Lab.
  • Gender, Culture and Empowerment Think Tank: The purpose of this think tank is to bring together scholars and experts from across various disciplines such as psychology, religion, public policy, media studies, cultural studies, and public health to address large scale social issues. Currently, a major project, funded by Norwegian Church Aid is focused on reducing gender-based violence in war-torn regions of Africa.


* Previously published as Rao


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*WEIRD is acronym for studies based on Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic populations

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