Think Visibly

Ideas for bringing Think Tank learning into your class.

  1. Use the think tank's posts after class as discussion warm-ups for class the next day. Use the warm-up as a way to invite more students to join the think tank.
  2. Tweet or post the headline that would describe today's class using the think tank hashtag. Have students compare headlines and discuss why, even though they each participated in the same class, they didn't describe it in the same way or emphasize the same elements in their headline description.
  3. Ask each student to post a question with your hashtag at the start of class... then ask them to post a possible answer at the end.
  4. Are you reading an author or studying a person currently living and on social media? Students can message that person using the class hashtag. Some authors are happy to participate in a conversation with your class (even during your class hours) via social media. If you can't find someone by searching, check the profile page on his/her publisher's website.
  5. Are your students engage in problem-based learning? Who are the experts in that field? Can they contact them via social media? Furthermore, what hashtags can they use to advocate for their cause?
  6. Gamify your think tank with exercises like: Fake or Real? Post an image and have the members discuss whether they think it is fake or real. Have them search for the image and outline the steps they used to verify it.