Lesson Ideas

Here are some outlines of lessons that incorporate social media. Feel free to borrow what you see and adapt it to the needs of your students, your colleagues, and your curricula. Share what you are doing on social media and tag me: @MsJWhiting on Twitter and join the Mediated Messages Facebook group.

For Personalizing

A blog post about The Selfie Project - using the makerspace to create a 3D representation of self starts with an examination of all of the ways a student's identity can be explored, including through playlists, social media, and school data. The lesson steps are here.

For Research

Civic Online Reasoning lessons from SHEG, complete with exercises and rubrics, easily embedded in a variety of content areas.

Understanding "Journalistic Truth" and the impact of digital media on our sources of information.

Finding experts and foundations on social media.

For Global Engagement

An educator with a global PLN has the resources to connect students with adults and other students around the world for a sharing of culture and point-of-view. Exposure and interaction builds empathy and collaboration.

For Digital Citizenship Practice

Hashtags & the Anatomy of a Tweet

Social Media accounts for your classroom

Social Media Think Tanks for your students; here is an elevator pitch your can use for your students