Chef Donn

Chef Lisa

Both Chef Donn & Chef Lisa have years of experience creating menus and providing delicious food for large numbers of people. Both are dedicated to and motivated by the Plant Based movement and are highly creative with their craft.

Donn has been influenced by numerous chefs and styles; from famed author Molly Katzen to the Head Chef at Kripalu, Jeremy Rock Smith and famed Vegan Baker Fran Costigan.

Lisa's biggest influences are Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre, authors of The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, and Nourishing Meals. She has found a lot of inspiration from their recipes.


  • We work with you to design the perfect menu for your occasion to make it unique and memorable.

Sampling our food:

  • There are a number of easy ways for this to happen! If you would like to join us for a Kiddush on Saturday you can get a real feel for presentation and how festive the food is. Or, we can arrange a time you can come in private. We are easy to work with and always try to satisfy the customer's needs.


  • The food will be delivered to the location of your choosing.

Food Preparation:

  • We prepare the food in our kitchen and package it for delivery.

Plant Based Eating:

Your guests will have the time of their life celebrating with you and devouring delicious food. Plant based foods give you the feeling of well being without feeling stuffed or sick.

The basic principles of a whole-foods, plant-based diet are as follows:

  • Emphasizes whole, minimally processed foods.
  • Avoids animal products.
  • Focuses on plants, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts, which should make up the majority of what you eat.
  • Mostly excludes refined foods, like added sugars, white flour and processed oils.
  • Pays special attention to food quality, with many proponents of the WFPB diet promoting locally sourced, organic food whenever possible.