Meals to Heal Gourmet Vegan Catering prepares food that is thoroughly delicious, nutritious and beautiful. We create gourmet meals fit for all occasions that are able to satisfy the most discerning palate. The creative variety of foods and delicious tastes in our dishes tickle one's tongue and imagination. We use high grade ingredients, many of which are organic, and we never compromise on taste or quality! In addition, we focus on the food's presentation making our dishes look mouth watering!

Daily Meal Plan For only $99, we deliver lunch and dinner Mon-Thursday. This is a perfect plan for anyone on the run or for those who wish to lose weight and get healthy by eating plant based meals.

Shabbat Meals If you want tasty, delicious and healthy Shabbat meals, we have that for you. The menu consists of a soup, the main dish, salad and side dishes and dessert. We can tailor the menu to your specific wishes, with many options to satisfy you and your guests. Please order early in the week.

Our passion is health and we include unlimited consultation when you order your meals. We give you advice, recommendations and cutting edge information to support your health journey. Look at our food selections- you will see the beauty and care with which the food is created. Our food contains not only good ingredients but good energy! Call, text or email us and try us out. It may be the best decision you will ever make.