In Judaism there is nothing more significant than knowing and trusting that what you are eating is fully and wholly kosher and that no measures have been spared to ensure the sanctity of the food. It is because of the seriousness and sincerity with which we practice Kashrut, that we go the extra mile to ensure all food and procedures are carried out to the highest standards.

Rabbi Donn Gross is an Orthodox Rabbi and Mashgiach who certifies the Kashrut for Vegan food establishments and demands the highest level of Kashrut! He is the owner of Meals to Heal Catering and in charge of all purchasing and food preparation. All vegetables are rigorously washed and inspected and all oils, vinegars and spices are certified kosher by trusted authorities (OU etc). All the food we provide is Bishul Yehudi. We use no animal milk or meat, therefore there is never an issue of Chalav Yisroel or Basar V'Chalav. Since our food is devoid of animal products, our Kashrut standard and security are greatly improved. Keenly aware of the significance Kashrut plays in the Jewish heart and mind, we take the greatest care to ensure that all halachot are scrupulously followed.

Rabbi Donn has been Vegan since 2012 and was Vegetarian for 22 years before that. He is known as "The Vegan Rabbi" and started the Bet Dovid the first Orthodox Vegan Shul in the world. He has hosted and fed hundreds of people at Bet Dovid, almost all who had never eaten a Vegan meal before. Rabbi Donn is fully committed to a Kosher Plant Based lifestyle.

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The products we use requiring Hashgacha, have reliable Hashagacha (OU etc)

Two lists of food items that can be used without specific Hashgacha:

Note: We always try to use items with a hechsher, even when they are permissible without a hechsher.

Meals to Heal Catering is certified by The Vegan Kosher Organization