Looking for freshly made, highly nutritious Plant Based meals delivered to your door?

This is exactly what we do! We provide you with Lunch and Dinner that are creative and delicious and we also deliver them to your door, ready to be taken to the office or eaten immediately!

If you are looking to lose weight, begin eating healthfully or just get with the times by going Vegan, let us help you advance in your journey! Personal care is given to each client and if coaching or inspiration is needed, we are here for that too!

Kashrut is guaranteed as are the quality and wonderful tastes!

Monday-Thursday 8 meals for $99... this includes delivery and health coaching!

You are certain to get your fill of nutrients and vitamins with very balanced meals. We always get Organic vegetables based on the most current dirty dozen list. Our clients love the tastes and how the food works with their bodies. Non Gluten is not a problem! We create food for special diets!

Monday-Thursday 8 meals for $99... including delivery.

If you'd like to speak to our clients to find out how they like the food, please ask us for their contact info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. But I need my meat!

1. If you begin eating a plant-based diet and have meat sometimes, it is not all that bad! You are transitioning and it is understandable.

2. The past few years have brought MASSIVE change to the Vegan food industry. Every supermarket is stocked with a dizzying number of Vegan milks , ice creams and cheeses. Vegan options are no longer just simply substitutes, today they can easily be considered upgrades to their animal based analogs in taste, quality and cost.

3. Today you can be Vegan and have your meat too! The proliferation of Vegan meats is astounding and online you can see how well these meats do in taste tests . Everyone who has tried these products say they are indistinguishable and the competition in this area of food production is increasing every day! Vegan meats are available in almost every supermarket.

Simply put, by becoming Vegan one does not have to give up or feel deprived of anything! To the contrary, it is an absolute upgrade in taste, health and well-being. It takes a little dedication and a shift of an old mindset. In this new day, we no longer require animal products.

Q. When are the food packages delivered?

We deliver early in the morning.

Q. Which days of the week do meals arrive?

We deliver Sunday & Tuesday

Q. Are the meals Organic?

We purchase Organic fruits and vegetables based upon the current Dirty Dozen list.

Q. Why would I need health coaching?

We all need inspiration from time to time. We don't just drop off a package of food- we care about your health and help you meet your goals, if that is what you want. We know a lot about health and wellness and how vital a role food plays in health. Exercise is also important and we can help you build a rounded program for getting the most out of your time spent at the gym.