• I've been involved in video creation for many years, and this includes directing videos with large budgets to those created on my desktop using screen capture software like Screenflow and Camtasia. Videos that create action are carefully planned, storyboarded, shot and edited. Some examples of my work are below.

  • YouTube: member since 2007, 137 videos, 3.2 million views, 16k Subscribers

  • Vimeo: member since 2008, 131 videos

In this screencapture video I show how the whiteboard platform called Miro can be used to engage students in a critical thinking exercise.

I wrote and directed this video for Brainstorm Health Services to promote their MyFitCode app.

One of many educational videos on my YouTube channel. This one is a quick explanation of the idea of the Elaboration Likelihood model of persuasion.

How to Add a Web Link Activity to MindTap

This is a video I placed at the end of Cengage blog posts to direct customers from the blog to the company learning tool called MindTap.

Are Your Slides a “MESS”?

This is part of the "Britt Files" project for Pearson Education. It is designed to promote their MyLab online learning tools.

Google Jamboard: How to Generate Student Participation

A brief video showing Cengage customers how they can integrate Google Jamboard with their Cengage learning platform.

Cengage Mobile App

Here's a video I created from storyboard, narration to recording, editing and compression. I used an app called Reflector to capture activity on my iPhone and added my voiceover and additional video elements using the Screenflow program before compressing and uploading to the web.