Articles & Posts

Here are some articles and blog posts I wrote myself or assisted SME's to write for Adtalem Global Education, Mitel, and the Cengage Faculty Community (where I served as the Community Manager). The goal is to inform and to encourage readers to check out the company's products or to encourage existing and customers to login to their subscription and try out new ideas.

For Cengage, posts like these helped grow website traffic to 253K visits and 412K page views in 24 months. They also increased Google page referrals from 1k/mo to of 15k/mo in 24 months. Increased time on site by 45% and achieved an average of 1,500 clicks/month to Cengage branded sites and product login pages.

Written for Adtalem Global Education

Knowledge Base Articles Written for the Mitel Corporation

Edited or Written for Cengage Learning