Bloomington Bridges

Musical Arts Youth Organization

We, Bridges MAYO, wish to acknowledge the myaamiaki (Miami), Bodwéwadmik (Potawatomi), Lënape (Delaware), saawanwa (Shawnee), Muisca, Inga, Pijao and Kiwchua peoples for whose land we are able to make music.

We offer orchestral and chamber music experiences as well as host marimba, improv, and composition workshops. There is something for everyone!

"My children really enjoyed attending MAYO Bridges’ summer programs as middle and high schoolers. For them, the big draw was the intimacy - fewer students and more contact with the instructors. They found the atmosphere kind and inclusive. They even enjoyed sharing a stand with musicians half their age for some performances!

As a parent, I appreciated how low pressure the curriculum is. It’s not just focused on performance. The kids learn a variety of things beyond the technical, including culture, history, and composition. The teachers are unfailingly enthusiastic and patient, allowing the kids to really savor the process of making music. This enjoyment shines through at the end of the session when the students perform together in their small groups.

There’s nothing I want more from my children’s music education than true appreciation and love of music making.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who make MAYO Bridges such a fantastic resource here in Bloomington, Indiana!"

-Ana Pardo, Bridges MAYO Parent, 2021

Thank you to all Bridges MAYO sponsors and grantors!

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