Matthew Pflaum

PhD Student @ University of Florida

Researching pastoralist mobility, borders, fragmentation & conflict in the Sahel

1st year PhD in geography - University of Florida

  1. Advisor: Dr. Olivier Walther {}
  2. My Geography personal page:‚Äč
  3. UF Geography Dept. website:
  4. Sahel Research Group (UF):

PhD research

Two projects:

  1. Collaborator for project, 'Foreign interventions and transnational insurgencies in Sahara-Sahel' (UF & OECD SWAC; lead researcher: Dr. Olivier Walther, UF). Consultants and collaborators: Dr. Steve Radil (Idaho); Dr. Tatiana Smirnova (UF); Mr. David Russell; and Dr. Leonardo Villalon (Dean of International Center, UF)
  2. The roles of geography, state borders, and fragmentation on pastoralist mobility and joining VEO's in Mali's inner delta region

Teaching duties

Fall 2019: TA for Geography of Africa (GEA 3600) with Dr. Brian Child

Spring 2020: TBD

Summer 2020: TBD

Hobbies & fun

I enjoy sailing, soccer, traveling, and trekking. Some notable treks/ascents include: Cotopaxi; Mt. Kilimanjaro; Mt. Cameroon; Asahidake (Hokkaido).