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How do you organize a party?

Everyone has something to celebrate, after all, every year. A simple birthday at home with a pastry, cheese and sausage can be arranged by anyone. But if you really want to tackle it big, you will need a good organization. At a jubilee, a wedding or a special birthday such as 50 years, you take it a bit bigger than in your own living room.

5 tips for a perfect approach for an unforgettable party

Tip 1 (golden tip): What do you want?

It's your party. Do not immediately think of what others think, say, and do. Start from where your heart lies. What do I want to experience and experience? An experience is not black or white, but colored. There are countless possibilities, think out of the box, think about it, be yourself, Catering Services Eugene OR very best in catering and event planning services..

Hold your wishes in your thoughts and consider whether your expectation can be fulfilled with the people you invite. The most important of a party are the guests. People set the tone, not the location, the catering or the matter. Do you want to be selective or not, do you go for a small and intimate party or do you go for great fun? Everything is good, as long as you feel good about it.

Tip 2: Date and invitations

Are your birthday in the winter, but would you like a summer garden party? Get it done. Do not limit yourself to a date because you are stuck with it. On the other hand, a winter barbecue also has its charms.

Are you guided by the seasons or do you go for your special date?

Do you have the date stuck? Then you can make the invitations. Do you communicate via e-mail, an e-card or do you want a nice invitation via the mail?

For parties where you have arranged or arranged an external facility, it is best to announce the date 2 to 3 months in advance.

If you get married on a working day, your guests have to take a day off. Then keep an eye on 4 to 5 months in advance.

At your own location you can indicate three to six weeks in advance that you are having a party at the weekend.

Must do: Indicate on the card or in the e-mail that the invitees must sign up. Also indicate the latest registration date.

If you arrange a meal for your guests, make an inventory of your guests' special wishes (vegetarians, gluten-free eaters or people who have allergies).

Tip 3: Location and facilities

At home or in the garden? Rent a room or location? Everything stands or falls with the number of guests. Do you want to Dance? Will there be a buffet for the food? Should there be seating or is there a number of standing tables sufficient?

For a party you can account for 1m2 per person for a reception. For a party with buffet, bar and dance floor 1,5m2 per person. You can possibly extend your home to the garden by placing a tent on the house.

What atmosphere should the location evoke? What is the accessibility of the location, for example, are there parking places? And can the disabled also easily reach the party location?

Tip 4: Eating & drinking

At a rented location often agreements have been made about the purchase of food and drinks. These locations only work with their own suppliers.

Are you going to give a home and / or a party for more than 20 people at home? Then it is advisable to hire a caterer. Although you may be a good cook (chin), you do not have all the materials in house to provide for so many people. But the most important thing is that you do not have time to keep you busy with the food. It's your party, the day or evening flies, so enjoy it!

For which food do you choose? That depends on your budget and your wishes. A buffet is a good choice where everyone can brag and can choose what he or she wants to eat. A walking dinner is a bit more upscale. You can also choose to organize a lunch or high tea . Or what do you think of a (winter) barbecue ? If you give an evening birthday, then you obviously have tasty snacks required. Depending on what you still have on the table you need 2 to 3 bites per person per hour. Do you serve the snacks or do you make a snack table? Do you also go for hot snacks? Please note that during the delivery by the catering, the hot snacks will be eaten immediately. Warm appetizers can not stay heated for long.

Do you arrange the drinks yourself or do you spend this? Do you go for a range of drinks at the local liquor store or do you opt for an all-in drinks package ? With a range of drinks, the actually consumed beverage is calculated at the end. But with a drinks arrangement you know in advance what it costs.

Tip 5: The party

Then it is finally time. The day of the party. You have arranged everything and the anticipation was great. Most people are a bit tense on the big day. Try to relax and trust yourself and the partners you work with. Your day will be perfect, and is perfect if you are open that a possible imperfection can also be beautiful.