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Catering blunders and how to prevent them

The outcome of the research? As much as 30 percent of the food goes into the trash. Sin of all that tasty food and all the money. The catering form that causes the most food waste is the dinner buffet (38 percent of the food is thrown away), then the walking dinner (31 percent) and then the regular dinner (28 percent).

The main cause of food waste is that people stow too much food on their plates. Only a small part comes from a too high estimate of the number of visitors. Keep this in mind if you opt for a buffet, Visit this Link - Catering Services Portland OR

A fixed price for catering event

The amount of drink that is consumed depends very much on the public, the weather conditions and the time. There is a way to know in advance what you spend on a catering party.

It is often possible to purchase the costs of the food and drink. Discuss with the caterer if this is possible. So you can not expect an unpleasant surprise afterwards when you receive the invoice from catering party.

Every year, around half a million US people sustain food poisoning. You obviously do not want people to incur food poisoning after or during your event. How do you prevent this scenario? Choose a catering company that works according to HACCP standards.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It is a food safety system. A catering company that complies with the HACCP rules takes all kinds of preventive measures to prevent unhygienic situations. They work very hygienically, so that no pathogens end up in the food and drinks.

Too expensive

If prices on the menu or menus are too high, not many people will order food. Maybe they get something at a snack bar at your event in the neighborhood or they go home earlier, to eat there. Your visitors are also grumpy at high prices. They will therefore appreciate your event less.

Try to estimate your target group in advance. How much do they have to spend about? At the millionaires fair no frikandellen are served, but oysters and caviar. At a pop concert, exclusive products are not appreciated again, but simple snacks do.

To cheap

Is it possible to offer cheap food? Yes. If the prices are so low that you do not make a profit from the food and the drink that is sold. Profit is ultimately an important goal of every event. In catering, the price of the dish is 4 to 7 times as high as the cost price.

Deadly allergies

The number of people with food allergies has risen sharply in recent years. Many mild food allergies cause only skin problems (eczema). Serious allergies sometimes even lead to death. European legislation requires caterers to indicate 14 substances that often cause allergic reactions:

Too much or too little food

Imagine: during a big festival the fries are on. A disaster for the guests. They want a fries. If they can not get what they want, they become grumpy. So much going on? No, because if there is too much food, you have to throw away a lot after the event. Sin.

How do you estimate the amount of food? We have made useful tables for this. Go to the chapter for the tables: How much food do I need?

Unreadable menu

Do you know what you get when you order 'morue terre et mer' or 'k aeng phet' ? If you put foreign dishes on the menu, always provide a translation. Many of your visitors will order different dishes, which show that they do not like it anyway. They may even be allergic to some ingredients.

Unbeaten staff

The catering staff at your event have a significant influence on the mood of your guests. If the staff is friendly, your guests are often satisfied. Nothing is as annoying as rude staff. Some employees will gladly let your guests know that they are not wanted. This is, of course, a disaster.

How do you prevent this situation? Work with certified caterers. Read reviews on the internet and submit references. Ask the catering company to leave employees on stand-bye on the day of your event. This is useful if an employee reports sick. You also send an annoying waiter or bartender easier home and let a replacement come.

Who will pay the caterer if the event does not go through?

This is stated in the contract that you have concluded with the caterer. So read the contract carefully if you sign it. Do you disagree with something in the contract? Talk to your caterer and try to reach an agreement.

There are certain insurance policies that pay part of the money, in case the event is canceled.

Number of guests catering event

Speak clearly with the caterer and / or the location when you need to pass on the final number of guests at the latest. Clearly record this in writing. Beware that this number will eventually arrive on the invoice, even though there are fewer guests at the event itself. Try to pass the final number as late as possible.


Everyone hates waiting a long time. It is therefore important that there are sufficient waiters and service points. At catering parties you can expect a bar for between 100 and 150 people and a buffet for 50 people. A waiter per 50 guests is sufficient. Do you serve drinks from trays? Then you have to count on a waiter per 40 guests.

For a dinner buffet, a waiter for 20 guests is recommended, with a seated dinner that is a waiter per 10 guests. Note that the necessary number depends on the experience of the staff and the level of service you want to offer.