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What are the trends in the catering festival at the moment?

Products from our own region are becoming increasingly popular. They have a number of advantages: Less chance of food fraud. You know where the products come from. Do you want to know whether these eggs come from chickens that are allowed to go outside? Jump on the bike and visit the farm. Less CO² emissions: Regional products only need to be transported over a short distance. CO² emissions are therefore considerably less for regional products.

You stimulate the regional economy: people from the region therefore have more to spend. Maybe your event is a good place for it. Fresh: Because of the short distance, local products are super fresh. From the land to the pan in a few hours. Much of the food that we consume has been processed at the factory. Unprocessed ingredients come from mother nature. They are not heated or refined and no color or flavor has been added. The foods may have dried. Catering Services Salem OR - Your Next Event! Natural Local Food!

Unprocessed products are fair. You know exactly what is in it. In recent years, people are increasingly concerned with authenticity. There is also more and more a desire for environmentally friendly living. Eating raw food fits perfectly with both trends.

Healthy eating for children

We have started eating more fat. Fast food became increasingly popular from the 1950s onwards. That had a big disadvantage. People were also getting fatter. Nowadays the Netherlands is strewn with fast food chains and almost half of the adults are overweight. Coincidence? According to the experts, not. Fastfood contains a lot of fat and carbohydrates and therefore also a lot of calories. There is far too much fast food eaten in the USA.

The number of overweight children is still increasing. This is frightening, because overweight children usually become adults with serious health problems. Many people therefore think it's time to turn the tide. Children must learn to eat healthy again.

Old-fashioned meat dishes

In the past, much more organ meat was eaten. Nothing of the animal was thrown away. This is better for the environment. There is less slaughter waste. Organ meat contains nutrients that are not in any other way. Old-fashioned dishes with organ meats are therefore back in, such as hot currant, black pudding and sour yeast.


Very trendy. A food truck is an absolute crowd pleaser. The mobile kitchen can be used at any location. Please note that every food truck has only a limited menu. For example, there are food trucks that only serve sausage rolls. Put a food truck on your event, so that your guests have plenty of choice.

Find a catering company in your area

At Catering 24 , all caterers are conveniently listed among themselves. The site also has an advanced search function, which allows you to quickly find the ideal caterer for you.

Ideas for trade fair catering

There are snacks that are very useful at a trade fair. Some visitors will sit down to eat, others will continue to walk around. This means that your visitors should easily take their food and drinks with them, if they want to. How do you take care of that ?:

Ideas for festivals catering

At festivals, no one has time to sit for a few hours for an extensive meal. Snacks work much better. Which snacks are suitable for catering parties?

Tapas. These small aperitifs are originally from Spain, but are nowadays also very popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. Tasty tapas dishes include green gazpacho with avocado and shrimps, croquettes with serrano ham and roasted vegetables with gorgonzola.

Sushi: Super healthy and above all very tasty. Very nice is nigiri-sushi with Dutch new, but also pressed sushi with Japanese omelet and sushi with steak and asparagus.

Fast-food: The classic fast food is still a big crowdpleaser. Not too complicated: just tasty fries, croquettes and hamburgers.

Food trucks are super popular. It is therefore a good plan to hire one or more food trucks for a catering party.

Everyone likes a good party. Party catering has a big influence on the success of your festival. All that dancing makes for a decent appetite. Try a barbecue for catering parties.

Choose real professionals. The last thing you want is that your guests get food poisoning because the meat is still raw inside. Make sure there are enough vegetarian options.

A very popular form of party catering is organic food. Many people today are busy with the environment. The choice of dishes made from organic ingredients will therefore appeal to a large part of your visitors.

Ideas for show catering

Here you can find some original ideas catering show. For example, travel back in time with a true medieval feast. Large wooden tables, staff dressed as knights and ladies and a delicious meal. Let troubadours perform and perform ancient songs for even more atmosphere. In the Wel ende edelike spijse , a Belgian cookbook from 1035, are dishes where people will still enjoy today:

Enter a play or a musical. Let the staff dress in the same style as the people on stage. Also match the menu with what is happening on stage. If, for example, the play or the musical is played in Spain, put all kinds of Spanish dishes on the menu. Patatas bravas, paella and sangria are always doing well.