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The best tips for organizing a buffet.

We are happy to share our experience with you about serving a buffet. What had you not thought about until now? What is a buffet according to Van Dale? (meal) - A buffet is a way to offer guests food. With a buffet it is possible to have a (large) number of guests in an unforced way and in a short time to prepare and collect their own meal.

There is a buffet table with all different dishes in a central room. Everyone walks with a plate along the buffet table and prepares the food. When the plate is full, it will start eating at the table, to be able to brag again later. Catering Services Gresham OR, rated by the Gresham, OR community

How many guests are going to eat?

If you have more than 30 guests, it is advisable to double the buffet, then you limit the waiting time.

What is the best place to put the buffet at your home?

a. You have little or no room left, because everyone is already in the (living) room. Include your kitchen. If you do not have a lot of table space you can also place crockery or dishes on the worktop. Place a shelf over the gas cooker and place a nice table runner over your worktop. Add a table and there is room for a cold / hot buffet.

b. You have average space and you are probably stuck to the light (s) above your dining table. Fine, usually the dining table is central, easy to reach for all your guests. Do you have a broad table? Make sure you can walk around the table. Otherwise, not everyone can join.

c. You have plenty of room. Place the buffet table centrally and / or on the side where the catering comes in. When all guests are inside, the caterer does not have to maneuver between the guests. Also so nice for your guests!

Do not forget that you probably also need a table for the drinks. And where do you leave the gifts?

How much m1?

If we can deliver a buffet to your home, we always indicate how many meters of table space we need to put the buffet at your disposal. Do you have little table space? Then rent a buffet table with a tablecloth. We prefer to have more space as less, because the scales are less attractive when there is too little space. It is nice if we can build the buffet nicely with attention to the whole.

Building the buffet

The direction of the buffet is from right to left, because most people are right-handed.

The board is then in the left hand and then you can easily brag with right.


'Hard-running' dishes are placed at the back of the buffet. Often people enthusiastically get up at the first warming tank and at the end of the buffet the plate is already quite full. Did you know that research has shown that the first three products of the buffet are most often chosen?

For example, for a English buffet, the hot dishes are in the following order, first potato garnish, then vegetables and finally meat and / or fish.

Or with the three traditional stamppots; stew, sauerkraut and last kale. Kale is always the 'runner'.

Signs put you in front of the buffet. The cutlery and the bread in the back. We arrange everything that is needed at a buffet. Think of the napkins, serving spoons and extra seasonings such as pepper and salt.


Do you have a cold / hot buffet and have you thought that the cold dishes serve as an appetizer?

From experience we can say that your guests often do not see that there is a distinction between the corridors. Everything is eaten together.

If you still want to make a distinction between the corridors, then you should go ahead. Place the cold dishes separately from the warm ones. Make sure there is an appetizer plate and cutlery. Clearly indicate that you expect the guests to first enjoy the starter.

Have you ordered a dessert buffet from us? Then you can remove it from our coolers after the buffet and place it on the table.


Everyone is enjoying afterwards. Unfortunately, there must also be cleaned up and washed away. If you arrange a buffet with us, we take care of the dishes. We supply crates where the dirty dishes can go. If you really want to be taken care of, you can also hire staff who, among other things, pick up and clean up the service.

Tip, also put the staff in to pour the drinks and walk out. Your party is flying fast, so enjoy it to the fullest!