Massage Buzz

Sports Massage and Gulf Coast Beekeeping

James Fritschle LMT (pronounced Fritch-Lee) is a licensed massage therapist and beekeeper in Pensacola, Florida.

Why massagebuzz?

1) My last name is not easy to spell for a web address, so massagebuzz works.

2) A Buzz is: vibration, electricity, excitement and or enthusiasm. --Buzz permeates both the natural and technological world.

3) Buzz is also a slang-term for a high or sense of euphoria.

(One of the chief benefits of Massage therapy is that it feels good. Certain types of massage help release the body's natural pain-relieving, endorphins and enkephalins. These are important neuropeptides that can be thirty times more potent than synthetic pain relievers, opioids. Massage Therapy is a safe and affordable alternative to the opioid epidemic. Much of my massage and bodywork revolves around helping ease pain and suffering in my clients).

4) Buzz- And of course, buzz is for the bees & beekeeping adventures; not to mention, I like to think I have a busy-as-a-bee productive work ethic.

Office Location:

1610 Barrancas Avenue Pensacola, FL 32502

MA # 48259, MM# 33642

Questions? Give me a buzz. [850] 485-0552

To set up an appointment, please use my online schedule.

*If no appointment times are available call to get on my list for next available or see if I have any cancellations.

Proud Professional Member of the FSMTA and AMTA