Pensacola Massage Therapy

Helping you Relax, Regenerate, and Find Relief

Dealing with muscle pain, stiffness and soreness??

You have come to the right place.

James Fritschle LMT (pronounced Frich-Lee), Licensed Massage Therapist, loves using the skillful application of massage to help people find relief from their complicated musculoskeletal aches and pains.

  • He keeps current on medical research to both balance and inform his 20 years of experience of practicing and teaching medical massage therapy.

  • You won’t find him using doing voodoo or waving healing crystals, but some people swear his massage techniques work like magic.

  • Massage and bodywork is what he does for a living (to pay the bills, mortgage, buy groceries). Although massage will not make him rich, he finds his work greatly rewarding.

A simple, yet expertly applied massage, can change a person's life!

  • James is a male massage therapist. It is estimated 85% of massage therapists in the Untied States are female; get this, a century ago it was just the opposite.

James does an excellent job at communicating, assessing and educating his clients, giving them peace of mind.

Excellent customer service has little to do with gender and everything to do with trust. His practice is built upon professional communication and trustworthiness.

  • Consistently providing great massage & bodywork while managing a small business is indeed physically and mentally demanding. Therefore, James is committed to a healthy lifestyle and habits. That means, he treats his body as a temple and practices what he preaches.

James leads a health focused lifestyle, not only so he can daily deliver the best care to his clients everyday, but for decades to come...

Who I serve.

All ages and stages of human beings.

Ranging from competitive youth athletes to active aging adults, I have the honor to help provide medical massage, wellness and self-care programs to assist you and your family.

(As a pet owner, my animals love massage too, but I do my best work with humans).

I have specialized training and years of experience in working with:

Athletes-Performers- Active Adults- Chronic Pain- Whiplash- Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain- Sciatica- Sports Injuries- Tendinopathies- Repetitive Strain and Overuse Injuries

Work experience

Massage Therapy by James

[2006] - [Current]

Business Owner/ Therapist in the Trenches

Pensacola State College

[2012] - [Current]

Medical Massage Instructor for Massage Therapy Program

Sports Massage- Field Outreaches

Intro to Massage Therapy, and Massage Therapy Clinic

FSMTA Sports Massage Team

[2018] - [Current]

Sports Massage Trainer, Sports Team Coordinator for Gulf Coast, Florida Panhandle

Pensacola Country Club

[2009] - [2019]

Sports Massage Therapist, Tennis Golf and Fitness

EXOS , Athletes' Performace at Andrew's Institute, Gulf Breeze

[2007] - [Current]

Sports Massage Therapist, Soft Tissue Specialist

Newlin Chiropractic Wellness

[2001] - [2007]

Chiropractic Assistant, Massage Therapist Soft-tissue care for MVA neck whiplash, lower back pain and rehabilitation



Pensacola Junior College

[2000] - [2003]

Massage Therapy, Magna Cum Laude

Associate of Arts, Cum Laude

Continued Education & Certifications

Certified Teaching Assistant and Orthopedic Massage Specialist with the Center for Pain Management

Active Isolated Stretching, the Aaron Mattes Method. Stretching USA

Certified Flexibility Coach, ATM System (Assessment Treatment and Muscle Stabilization) with Debbie Roberts Seminars

Vodder Style MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) MLD Institute International

LB (Lymphatic Balancing) D'ambrogio Institute

Cranial-Structural Energetic Therapy, Don McCann

CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) HWFP Health Wellness & Fitness Professionals

NMT (NueroMuscular Therapy) Judith DeLany NMT Center, and Marty Klein LMT

PKT (PhysioKineticsTechniques) Temple Human Performance

Awards & Accomplishments

2019 National Sports Massage Therapist

Awarded 2019 National Sports Massage Therapist by FSMTA

2018 the Emerald Coast LMT and Sports LMT of the Year

Awarded 2018 the Emerald Coast Licensed Massage Therapist of the Year and 2018 Sports Massage Therapist of the Year

2008 Emerald Coast Sports Massage Therapist of the Year