text home school communication

Successful classrooms build and maintain a strong line of communication throughout the school year. Keeping parents in the loop has never been easier with digital communication tools. Learn about simple yet effective ways to share the great things taking place in your classroom.

text creating with chromebooks

Giving students the opportunity to create using technology is a great way for kids to become empowered learners. In this workshop educators will engage in activities resulting in the creation of projects. Audio, video and interactive projects for use in all classrooms and grade levels will be highlighted.

text cooperative learning

Understanding the difference between group work and cooperative learning can make or break a lesson. In this workshop learn the principles of cooperative learning and how to facilitate structures with students to increase outcomes.

text, creating foldables

Student created 3D graphic organizers or foldables are a great way to engage students in the instructional process. Participants in this hands on workshop will learn how to create and effectively use foldables for all content areas.

text sketchnoteing

Taking notes about readings or lessons can help students remember content. Sketchnoting is an innovative way of taking notes that allows students to draw what they read or hear and process information at a deeper level. Learn that anyone can sketch note and see the benefits of drawing what you know.

text twitter for teachers

Twitter is professional development whenever you want it. Learn why teachers everywhere are joining Twitter and how they leverage the tool to grow as educational leaders.

text youtube in the classroom

Student often choose video for learning new things and by using YouTube in the classroom educators can leverage the power of media to enhance practice. Learn about curation and creation of video in this professional development workshop.

text ipads for elementary

Kindergarten through second grade teachers will engage in a learning experience unlike any other as they work with creation tools on the iPad. With the right tools students can create, share and learn from each other. Using technology in the primary grades has never been so easy.

text practice based evidence

Collecting evidence to measure the effectiveness of lessons is one way educators can use data to self reflect and grow as leaders. In this workshop participants will learn ways to collect practice-based evidence to measure the effectiveness of classroom activities. Through data analysis teachers will learn to find strengths and identify areas in need of growth.

text digital storytelling

Storytelling is a great way for students show what they know at high levels of comprehension. In this workshop learn about ways to create and share digital stories.

text the kids should see this

The first three minutes of class can set the tone for the remainder of the period. In this workshop learn about ways to start class with a bang. Using artifacts, media, poems, stories or more educators can create an environment where students are excited to come every day.

text the homework debate

Participants will read the work of Alfie Kohn and engage in a discussion about homework. Educators will examine research studies about the effect of homework on outcomes and generate ideas and a plan for moving forward.

text classroom management

Simple yet powerful structures can be used to manage a classroom of student to ensure the effectiveness of a lesson. In this workshop learn about The Three Jars an intervention package that consists of interdependent and dependent group contingencies with randomized components, pre-established reward criteria and unknown rewards in the form of mystery motivators.

text the value of mistakes

Often times in traditional models of teaching students are penalized for making mistakes and are afraid of making them. In this workshop educators will learn the value of mistakes and see how allowing for failure reduces stress, encourages creativity, promotes experimentation, increases understanding and grows brains.

text evidence based practices

Educators owe it to their students to use their limited instructional time in the most effective ways. By implementing practices that have been vetted and their effectiveness supported by empirical data, educators can ensure a high quality lesson. This learning opportunity focuses classroom practices that are supported by research.

text the global classroom

Students have the opportunity to connect like never before. In this workshop educators will learn ways to break down classroom walls and connect with classrooms globally. Once classrooms are connected students learn about each other through memorable activities.

text creating super reader book talks

Creating book talks and trailers are some ways for students to show what they know about reading. In this workshop educators will learn ways for students to record and create book talks or trailers. Then sharing their work with an authentic audience helps students create their best work.

Co-teaching can be a power arrangement for students leading to increased outcomes and engagement. However teachers need to know what it looks like and how to effectively implement the arrangement. In this workshop learn about six proven ways to work together and successfully co-teach.

text slide show to video

Learn how to take any PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slide presentation and make it into a video that can be saved and shared with students. In just minutes your pre existing presentation can become a video for everyone to see and learn from.

text make this or that

What works for one student might not work for another. In this workshop educators will learn about ways to give students choice between tried and true projects and the latest in multimedia versions of the same work that offer new ways to enhance already great work.

text classwide peer tutoring

Classwide peer tutoring is a teaching strategy where an entire classroom of students is actively engaged in the process of learning and practicing academic skills simultaneously in a fun way. Learn how to facilitate the activity and have time to create the tools needed to implement tomorrow!

text the app smack down

In this high energy workshop participants will engage in three rounds off educational competition as presenters have three minutes to showcase an app of choice. At the end of each round participants vote for their favorite then at the end of the workshop one person will be crowned the app smackdown champion.

Engaging in a learning walk is a simple yet effective way to grow as an educator. A group of educators gather with devices in hand then explore the learning spaces of colleagues snapping images of stellar ideas. The group then reconvenes and shares their findings and everyone leaves the event with new teaching tools.

text be a teaching rockstar

Learn about the characteristics of successful leaders and how to break the status quo in your building. By focusing on the why, growth can be obtained in any setting. Educators looking to connect and grow as professionals will benefit from this workshop.