Environmental Science

Under Ecology at Husson for $1080. This course explores the interaction of biotic and abiotic components in functioning ecosystems. It will examine topics in population distribution and dynamics, major terrestrial and aquatic habitats, community interactions such as competition and predation, nutrient cycling, energy flow, and ecosystem succession. The concurrently run lab will train students in identifying local flora and fauna, as well as collection and analysis of field data.

Honors (additional $1080) Topics range from global issues such as atmospheric pollution and its effect on global warming and ozone destruction to the link between microbiological populations and local and global scale nutrient and chemical cycling.

Khan Academy science (sign up for personalized coursework). We will use these lessons for snow days.

Quiz 1

Your full name and pronouns:

1) What do you like about environmental science?

2) What do you hate about environmental science?

3) Is environmental science relevant to your life? Why? Why not?

4) What do you want to learn about environmental science?

5) How do you learn best?

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