From Husson University: Cost $1080

This introduction to chemistry provides a basic understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of inorganic chemistry. The course includes the metric system, chemical elements and symbols, the structure of the atom, chemical bonds, molecules and compounds, and chemical reactions.

Honors Chemistry: Prerequisite Chem Cost $1080 This course is a continuation of Chemistry I. It focuses on organic chemistry and biochemistry and provides a background for understanding the chemical mechanisms of health and disease. Organic chemistry will emphasize the study of carbon, its special properties, and its compounds. Biochemistry will focus on the chemicals of living organisms, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Selected physiological topics such as energy metabolism, the genetic code, and protein synthesis are included.

Khan Academy for chemistry (sign up for personalized coursework). We will use these lessons for snow days.

Quiz 1

Your full name and pronouns:

1) What do you like about chemistry?

2) What do you hate about chemistry?

3) Is chemistry relevant to your life? Why? Why not?

4) What do you want to learn about chemistry?

5) How do you learn best?

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