A Look Into the Future (Topics)

42 days, 10 teachable minutes a day. Seven hours total teaching time. Cost per hour $600. Cost for you to retake class: $1080.

California Wildfires, Propane explosions, and where are we?

God, Meth, opioids, And You

Breaking bad stereotypes. The big picture of what's going on, from infinite to infinite. Finding meaning in nature. How you learn best?

Note taking

Graphic Organizer Multi-Pack-WINDOWS

1) radiation

2) nutrition

3) shadowlands

4) sex ed, genetics in depth and hormones

5) mental illness and wellness

In the beginning...

the origin story physics to chemistry to biology to environmental to astronomy

the faith story emotional vs. logic, addiction vs. rational thought

the hand talk

the buddhist faith story

the Guatemalan faith story

The islamic faith story

What you need to know about household chemistry to not die.

CO2 explain https://socratic.org/questions/what-is-the-resonance-structure-of-carbon-dioxide

1) What happens when you mix acids and bases at home. The ammonia/bleach big no-no.


The importance of stoichiometry. Excess ammonia equates to hydrazine. Excess hydrazine equates to this.

2) Using concrete? The story of Mozart, quick lime, and why you shouldn't snort concrete.


calories, Calories, why are we having problems?

Energy is often expressed as the calorie (cal), which is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. One calorie is equal to 4.184 joules. The Calorie (Cal), which is used to express the energy in food, is 1,000 calories.

Calculate your resting calorie burn (warning: sexist calculator)

How not to starve to death while eating too much and being overweight. The case of the blind boy.

Dietary amylase

Where I live and play.

Methane to carbohydrates, carbo storage and the Atkins/South Beach/ diet, breakdown, type 2 diabetes,

Do you need protein to make protein? Veganism, vegetarianism, fruitarians, paleo, and the effect of the chemical breakdown of amino acids on the body and the kidneys.

Fats, fats, beautiful fats. Does eating fat make you fat? The transformation of the brain to a fat only diet, the chemical difference between mono, poly, unsat, sat, fully hydrogenated, and transfats.




Getting drunk through the ages. The biological and chemical processes involved in inebriation vs. getting plastered.

cellular drunk, animal drunk, human drunk, the detoxification process in your liver, antabuse, alcoholism vs. social drinking, the genetics of alcoholics, alcohol brewing syndrome.

Becoming Spiderman, radiation (avoidable), radiation (unavoidable), and how to build an atomic bomb.


cell sex with videos. Conjugation and transduction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7stZk6TesKk

human, animal, enterobacilli (or why going to the hospital can kill you). https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-06/iu-swb060718.php bacteria harpoon new dna.

The building blocks of your identity: sex hormones, how we all start as girls, and the poorly understand cascade of body alteration based on chicken and animal models.

Sex hormone binding globulin, the chemical binding points or "Why do I feel so weird/depressed/horny/anxious/sad/crazy today?"

Building testosterone from basic chemical pieces. 'Roid rage, why men are stupid/brave, the effect of imbalanced testosterone chemical reactions in the brain on mass shootings, the #metoo movement, and world wars.

Building estrogen, and the three estrogens (why one may not be enough). The estrogen checklist of balancing your female hormones or "how to avoid killing your loved ones one week every month."

DHEA, progesterone and adrenaline.

The Shadowlands

Using mind altering techniques to escape this reality or visit other planes of reality.

The benefits and tragedies of using chemical compounds to achieve this. LSD, PCP, Ecstasy, methamphetamines, THC (CBD), cocaine, heroin, and psilocybin. The physical parameters of experimentation while minimizing risk.

The slower, but far more rewarding road: a lifetime of practices to permanently allow people to alter their realities at will. Enlightenment, shamanic practices, the mystics, levitation, qi gong. Evidence of permanent chemical alterations in the brain.Ay

Ayahuasca and the creative path: a chemical dead end or a fruitful path?

Psychedelic research for mental illness: a waste of money or a way back?

Zombie apocalypse


Other thoughts

Vaping and the Ozone layer


Vaccination and epidemics

calories, Calories

Hyperthermia/ hypothermia


Chronic disease Lyme, Celiac



Heart Disease/Cancer

Global Warming

Electromagnetic forces