Toast the Couple

What You're Saying:

"Looking forward to celebrating with you! Best wishes for a lifetime filled with love." - Mark and Julie Berquist

"From the start of your relationship, it was clear that you both were happier when you were together. It was beautiful to watch a new couple fall in love as deeply and with as much commitment as you did. But your relationship didn't just make you both happier, it made all of those around you happier as well. Sara, I've never seen you or your children smile as much as they do now. Ryan, I'll never look at burning trash in a bonfire without picturing the gleam in your eyes. You emit love...for one another and for life. Here's to your amazing bond continuing to spread happiness forever." - Amanda Goedge

"CHEERS to Sara, my lovely daughter and Ryan, my charming son! I have gained another awesome son and two more amazing, fun-loving grandchildren! Lucky me!!! I wish you a lifetime of LOVE, happiness, fun, inner peace and good health! ENJOY each day to the fullest and always remember that you two are BEST friends! Welcome to our family Ryan, which, of course, is now yours too 🙂 I love all six of you so very much!!! ❤️😘" - Mama/Jean Bachhuber

"Congratulations! We are so excited and happy for you! Ryan, You are perfect for my sister. Nothing proves this more than when I got the notification of this amazing, functional, organizational tool for preserving your family memories of this beautiful wedding weekend. Haha! Seeing how you two take care of each other and commit to raising your children has been an amazing privilege. I love that Chloe and Rhys have such an amazing father figure in Ryan. Ryan truly takes the time to understand, love, and support Chloe and Rhys, and that makes me so happy! Sara, you love all of those children so very much. Not only are all four of those children going to get to their activity on time, but they will have a nutritional snack, words of encouragement, and lots of love and hugs along the way. You are an exceptional mother! The icing on top is that you hit the jackpot with all of the Hornes. They are such a strong support system and you are so blessed to be entering a family filled with love, kindness, and fun! Our family is so fortunate to have Ryan, Emmy and Sam. Adding two more awesome kiddos and a solid voice of reason to our clan has got to be one of the best bonuses of Sara and Ryan's marriage! We would do anything for them. They have stolen our hearts, and I am so grateful for that! Sara and Ryan are soulmates. They understand each other, captivate each other, challenge each other, and have so much fun together. It doesn't get better than that! I look forward to all of the parades, carnivals, pool parties, soccer games, holiday parties, birthday parties, play dates, cousin sleepovers, adult coffee dates, and all the other hoopla we will share together! My wish for you two is that you stay just the way you are… Because that is perfect! Love you six so very much!" - Beth Lane

"It’s hard for me to believe that any two people could be cosmically predetermined for each other, but sometimes a relationship comes along that makes you question that. I mean, what are the odds that not only do two people seem perfect for each other, but six? A blended family that just fits. Like pieces of a puzzle…in which sometimes you kind of have to jam together to make it work…but you make it work. There are times when I see the two of you look at each other when you think no one else is looking and the mutual adoration on your faces is…well…too much to stand, to be honest. Who should be that happy? Except for the times when you aren’t, and that’s when the work ethic that you both have in life comes out in full force for your relationship and you know that you’ll figure it out. That’s what you do. Because what other choice do you have when you were meant to be together." - Tara Makar