• Empire Bluff - One of the Sleeping Bear's most popular trails, Empire Bluff is a relatively short trail at only 1.5 mile round trip. This hilly trail leads through a beech-maple forest to a spectacular lookout on top of Empire Bluff, some 400 feet above Lake Michigan
  • The Dune Climb - Everybody likes to climb the dunes, or watch the kids enjoy the sand. The Dune Climb offers plenty of pure, wind-blown sand for your climbing pleasure. There is a picnic area at the bottom and you can climb up the dunes for a view of Glen Lake. While the climb can be strenuous, the run back down to the picnic area is a blast
  • Pyramid Point - The vast majority of people who do find their way to the Pyramid Point trailhead merely hike to the lookout for the view and then return, a round-trip of only 1.2 miles with a bit of climbing at the end. The payoff at the lookout is an incredible view of Lake Michigan and the Manitou Islands. Beyond that you’ll usually have the trail to yourself and in October will be dazzled by the fall forest.
  • Alligator Hill - All three loops on this trail lead to a bench overlooking Lake Michigan and the Manitou Islands. A spur takes you along the ridge to another bench at the Glen Lake overlook. A fantastic trail for those looking for fall colors. Also, view the results of the 100-mph windstorm that ravaged the area in the summer of 2015
  • Treat Farm - The trail leads from the corner of Norconk Road into the woods and is about ½ mile long. Follow the maple-beech forest to arrive at the Treat Farm. Follow the trail further to the west for an amazing view 400+ feet above Lake Michigan. Our favorite trail!