Wedding Info

Our wedding & reception will take place at Cafe Manitou, which is located in The Homestead Resort.

Ceremony at 4:30pm - Cafe Manitou

Guests can park at the "Transportation Station" (see map below) and then have a short walk to Cafe Manitou for our ceremony. You will want to be seated by 4:15pm

Drinks & Dinner - Cafe Manitou

Drinks and dinner will immediately follow the ceremony. Please locate your placecard inside Cafe Manitou for table assignments. Enjoy the wedding decorations created by our kids

After Party - Art's Tavern

Join us at one of our favorite spots in downtown Glen Arbor, Art's Tavern, after the reception. Take Ryan's advice and try the cobbler

Cafe Manitou - The Homestead Resort

Art's Tavern - 6487 W Western Ave, Glen Arbor