October 20th

Friday Afternoon - Ice Cream

Our family will arrive Friday afternoon. We plan to head to Cherry Republic for ice cream. Show up hungry and sample dozens of tasty cherry products in The Great Hall. Also, enjoy wine tasting in The Winery. Text Ryan or Sara to meet up

Before Dinner Walk - Port Oneida

After ice cream, we will visit Port Oneida (where we got engaged) with the kids. If you would like, join us for a walk on this beautiful, secluded beach, while our kids throw countless rocks into Lake Michigan

Dinner - Art's Tavern at 6:30pm*

We will be at Art's Tavern around 6:30pm for dinner. Seating is first come, first serve. Art's does not accept credit or debit cards. Cash or checks only. *Location change from Good Habor Grill, since they are now closed for the season

Cherry Republic - 6026 S Lake St

Port Oneida - S Port Oneida Rd

Art's Tavern - 6487 Western Ave