Wellington Monument

Wellington Monument

This commission began when Rosie and her father built a shed for the customer. Once built, the customer then asked if Rosie would paint a mural on the shed, depicting the name of the house, 'Tall Trees', along with some wildlife and the local monument.

Rosie sourced the paint from a charity called Re:Work which takes in old left-over paint and sells to customers to raise money for a great cause. This guided the colour palette for Rosie's mural, giving the painting an interesting red ground colour.

The National Trust

The customer John, extended the original request of a mural on two sides of the shed, to all sides of the shed. With an increasing number of animals requested, John contacted the National Trust with a fun idea to raise money for the repair works that are needed for the monument.

John had a lot of interest from neighbours and passers-by, which gave him the idea to raise money by way of a donation to the monument fund for which each person could request an animal to be painted on the final side of the shed.

The end result below has around 40 animals (and santa!) and was printed on postcards, Christmas cards, jigsaw puzzles and prints, all to raise further funds for the Wellington Monument.