'A Stitch in Time Saves Nine'

With an A-Level in art endorsed textiles followed by a Foundation Degree in Art with a module on textiles, Rosie has always found time for some hours on the sewing machine.

With a family history of textile tailors and seamstress', Rosie enjoys producing clothes such as tailcoats, textiles such as cushion covers and using materials to produce art.

Both her Grandma's were known for the saying 'A stitch in time saves nine', and it is this ethos which Rosie values in all that she creates.

On the Edge

These pieces were all part of an A-Level textiles project titled 'On the Edge'.

Each piece has been produce using different textile techniques including applique, batique, cutwork, and dying.

Painted & Sewn

The material here was painted, dyed, sewn into and painted again which makes the texture of this piece very rough.

Batique, Quilted & Sewn

Rosie often experiments with a combination of different techniques within one piece. Here the material has been dyed with batique then quilted to give a low relief textile piece inspired by a countryside landscape.

Wax resist & Silk Paint

Here Rosie has used wax to resist silk paint which has been layered with a sprinkle of salt at the end.

When dry, the salt is brushed off and the wax is then ironed out.

Silk Paint

This is an example of silk painting where rock salt has been sprinkled on the wet material.

The salt draws in the paint forming these patterns. When dry the salt is brushed off.


Rosie has made tailcoats, some are reversible and have fur on one side. Some have a hood and some have ears. More are planned which will be available to buy.

'The Wooky'

This example has reggae colour fur on one side with a tarten blue on the other. It is fully reversible but the ears are only on the fur side of the hood.

Commonly referred to as the Wooky!