Geodesic domes

Geodesic Domes

Hand crafted from Somerset wood, Rosie has made geodesic domes for more than 10 years.

How the Dome Poles are Made

Rosie uses wood from Somerset which she seasons, removes the bark and cuts to length. Each pole is varnished and at each end she makes a plastic connector.

For the connector she uses 200mm off-cuts of UPVC water pipe. She melts the plastic to form a paddle shape at one end of the connector and retains the tube shape at the other.

The tube slots over the wooden dome pole and the paddle shape forms the joint to other dome pole ends, which are bolted together.

The resulting structure is incredibly strong and lightweight for the size.

Dome Construction

Ideal for parties and events or for a camping space, each dome can be transported on a standard car roof rack or can be delivered to order.

Size of the Dome

The standard size available for hire measures 7m in diameter and around 3.5m high.

This size comfortably sits around 25 people or if the party is in full swing then 50 people can have a dancing spot.

Geodomes Bristol UK

Check out Rosie's Instagram page, Geodomes Bristol UK and get in contact if you would like to hire or commission Rosie to build you a dome.