MARCH 9, 2017

Penang, Penang, Malaysia

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Note to self: Avoid Air Asia at all costs!

Not a bad flight just really disorganized I couldn't get my boarding pass from the kiosk and the ticket counter person said that they couldn't print so I had to go back to the kiosk until my pass printed. Then I tried to check in and my bag was overweight. I couldn't pay the ticket person. She said I had to go to the service counter. I waited n that line and was told I needed another line. Finally I was able to pay and head to the gate. So after waiting in several lines for 45 minutes, I finally got though. Ugh! For a busy airport, it was surprising that they were so disorganized.

Then, we had to sit on the plane for another hour because there was a problem with the luggage. The pilot was giving us play by plays and asked us "not to speculate about why we were delayed". So then of course, we began to speculate. They told us that there was a problem loading the luggage. Then the pilot decided we should take a quiz. He was really nice and funny and gave more information than any other pilot every has! I have some video of it and is probably only funny to the travelers who were getting a little punchy after the day.

Once we landed, we retrieved our luggage and were on our way to the hotel. A bus picked us up and we were at the hotel in 30 minutes. The hotel is nice but I have to wait for the morning to see the view. After not having time to eat since breakfast, I got room service and went to bed. We have the morning off so I can spend some time on the beach!