MARCH 4, 2017 PART 3

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Well, my first trip on Emirates was not great. Jennifer Aniston lied to me in her commercial for Emirates! What a "friend" she turned out to be! This plane must be one of its older ones in the fleet. Don't get me wrong, I arrived safely from Boston to Dubai but not without some pain. The fight was almost sold out and the seats were small with very little leg room. This was a long 12 hours to be cramped together. The only good part of this flight were the tv screens on each seat. There was a big variety of tv, movies, music, news, and flight information so I didn't have to use my own electronic devices to stay entertained. I finally got some sleep on this flight. I fell asleep on the trip to Boston for 30 minutes. On the flight to Dubai, I slept a lot! I have no idea how long but every time I started to watch a movie, I fell asleep. I watched 3 episodes of Mars and fell asleep. I tried to catch up on the latest season of Sherlock, and fell asleep. Then I just gave up and slept. International flights are like SFU New Student Orientations. All I did was hurry from place to place and have food put in front of me. We received a menu from the flight attendants when we took off so we knew what was being served the entire 12 hours. The food was ok, nothing great except for the desserts! The one good thing was that I had to assemble most of my meal because there were many individual parts so it kept me busy for 20 minutes. The airline staff were really nice although I don't think I have been on a flight where the attendants were not friendly.

As we descended, there were so many cargo ships in the shipping lanes outside of Dubai. You can tell that business is booming just like Antonio Brown always says! It was 12 degrees when we left and 77 degrees when we landed in Dubai and very humid.

The Dubai airport was pretty nice, very clean. In the women's restroom, there was not hook in the stall for my bag but there was a bidet. I guess priorities are a bit different on this side of the world! The gift shops had a lot of interesting trinkets for people like me and many fancy stores for the 1%ers.

Time to board a plane again. Last leg of my arrival trip! I am so exhausted and I have no idea what day or time it is.