MARCH 13, 2017

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Monday, March 13, 2017

Yet another interesting breakfast experience. Everything from dim sum, rice, spaghetti, chicken, fruit, and yogurt. The spaghetti was actually pretty good. Maybe I am just craving comfort food. We did two school visits today and got a nice tour of the city while we drove to them.

The bus got pulled over by police who look like they are staring in CHIPS. Apparently when someone gets pulled over, they pay the cops and go on their way. Our driver was fined for crossing the lane. It was a bit of excitement and interesting to watch the interactions on the side of the road. Our driver kept touching the officers by putting a hand on their arm or touching their shoulder. That would get him killed in the US.

The school visits went well. Not a lot of students in the school but enough to have a few contacts and with the end of the second visit, I am officially done working! That is a nice feeling.

I met up with the group to do some shopping in the market. It was flea market heaven and not for me. Crowded, hot, and bargaining. 3 of my least favorite things! I just want to know the price of something. I don't want to offer and counter offer... I said I was done with work! I did find a small store and had some help from one of my tour mates to get some good prices. We met up for a drink at the hotel and then everyone went to bed. I start my journey home tomorrow and most of the group goes on to China.