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The Town of Lyndon is a small, six-square mile town in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with a population of about 5,751. Lyndon will normally see long, cold, snowy winters, with temperatures normally in the low teens to 20F. Summers are normally short and humid, with temperatures in the 60 to 80 range, with a couple of days in the 90’s. Fall is the most picturesque time of the year with all of the leaves changing color; it is a picture-perfect day, every day, no matter what the weather is doing. Spring, also known as mud season, brings the Northeast Kingdom back to life each year. It is also the start of the fairs and festivals that happen all across the state of Vermont. 

Lyndon is also home to Vermont State University Lyndon Campus has several large venue areas that are used to host a variety of events year round. Lyndon is also home to Lyndon Institute, a public-private high school that serves Lyndon and surrounding towns, with a population of approximately 800 students.

The Fire Department is headquartered in the downtown area. The downtown area of Lyndon has about 1200 residents living in this area. The Fire Department Headquarters is also the home of the Lyndonville Police Department. The Lyndonville Police Department has three, full-time officers who patrol the entire town of Lyndon. The Fire Department building also houses the Lyndon Area Training Center. This is used by local agencies to hold training events.

The Lyndonville Fire Department is a volunteer fire company, meaning there is no one normally at the station. When a call comes in for the fire department, the firefighters have to respond in their own vehicles to the station. Once at the station, they must gear up and take the fire truck to the call. Each firefighter has with them a pager that alerts them in the event of a call. Once activated the dispatcher tells them where the emergency is and what the nature of the call is. Lyndonville firefighters are on call 24 hours a day year-round. The Lyndonville Fire Department responded to 210 calls for help in the year 2023.

The Lyndonville Fire Department meets every Thursday of the month for fire training. They use this as a time to work on their skills and learn new techniques for firefighting. This time is also spent checking and cleaning all the equipment on and off the truck and making sure that all the equipment is in proper running order. Every Lyndonville firefighter is required to be a Vermont-certified level 1 firefighter. What this means is that all of the Lyndonville firefighters have been through an 184-hour training course, and have been to the Vermont Fire Academy, located in Pittsford, Vermont. There, they have completed several evolutions through a burn building, so that they know what to expect once inside a burning building. These Thursday night training also keep their certifications current.