Engine 32

This Engine is a 2005 E-one with a 1500gpm Hale Pump and 1700gal tank. Engine 32 has seating for 6 Firefighter including the driver/operator. Engine 32 was placed into service in the summer of 2005. This truck serves as our 1St due truck. Engine 32 is also our primary truck for mutual aid calls when an engine co is requested. Special Features: Has the ability to draft off the front of the truck, this truck also carries the 2nd set of rescue tools.

Squad 34

Squad 34 is used mainly for traffic contorl and bringing in more firefighter to the scene. Durring Wildfire Season it is loaded with pack pumps and hand tools. This until is also used for going to training in Pittsford at the Fire Acdimy and local in preplanning local busineses.

ladder 35

Ladder 35 replaced Tower 35 in December of 2009. Ladder 35 is a 2010 E-One with a 1500gpm Hall pump and 500gal of water on board. It is a 75ft aluminum stick, with ability to go almost vertical and 8% negative. This truck will hold 6 Firefighter including the driver/operator. Ladder 35 is 2nd due to any alarm of fire within the hydrant district. This is 1 of 3 aerial devices in the area, other towns are East Burke Ladder 7 and St Johnsbury Tower 4.

Rescue 36

This Heavy Rescue Truck is a 2009 International, Rescue 36 or R-36 as it is mainly called, seats 6 Firefighters and carry on board Jaws of Life, Cribbing, air bags/ lift bags, Rope Rescue equipment, Water (cold and swift) Rescue Equipment, Lighting, Incident Command Center, Cascade system, 25 spare air tanks, HAZMAT Clean up Kits, Hand Tools, and General tools.

tanker 38

Tanker 38 was purchased from the Hillsboro NH Fire Department, where it served as an Engine. Tanker 38 has seating for 5 Firefighter including the driver/operator. This 1993 Freightliner/E-One carries 1500gal with a 1500gpm pump, with 3 sided cab controlled auto dumps. On board it also carried SCBA's, Gas Detectors, thermal imaging camera, GPS, Positive and Negative Pressure Fan's, and 1250ft of 5" hose.

Wildland Fire / Remote Unit

This Wildland Fire Side by Side holds 100 Gal with portable pump and 1000ft of wildland hose. This unit also can carry a litter for injured persons removal from remote areas. This unit is also used for the Caledonia County Fair.

Water Rescue Boat

20 Ft Zodiac boat with a 25HP motor, fully capable of siftwater Rescue - Motor stored for Winter in these Picture