Lake Activities


Swimming is allowed only in the lower lake and only in designated areas. Our swimming area, in the lower lake, sports a nice sand beach, and is equipped with a diving board, swimming platforms and docks.

Nearby we have a filtered kiddy pool with fountain, a playground, and picnic areas. There are no lifeguards on duty so swimming is "at your own risk". Pets are not allowed on the beach or in picnic and playground areas.


Boats are permitted in both lakes although not in the designated swimming area. Only electric trolling motors are allowed and only in the upper lake. Life jackets should be worn at all times and all state boating laws apply.


Fishing is allowed in the lower lake, outside of the marked swimming area, and in the upper (fishing) lake. A typical catch might include bluegill, large mouth bass and lots of channel catfish! State fishing laws apply.

Note: In 2014 the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Dam Safety and Floodplain Management Division, required some modifications and maintenance on both the upper and lower dams in the Park. This required that both ponds be drained which resulted in the loss of almost all of the fish stocks in both ponds. The required work on the dams has been completed and both ponds have been refilled and restocked with fish. The lower pond is full of adult fish now and is open to fishing. The upper pond has been stocked with fish but they have not yet matured to a size suitable for fishing. The upper pond will most likely be opened to fishing in the spring of 2018.

Izaak Walton League of Lynchburg has entered into a relationship with Lynchburg College in which they help us maintain/improve our fish populations. The 17.5" Large Mouth Bass, and others including a 14.5" and some 13" ones, were caught and released on Friday July 17th as part of a Lynchburg College assessment of the current population in the lower lake. Izaak Walton fishing is back! But use the lower lake, as we are just in the process of restocking the upper lake. The large fish below rode the water into the lower lake when the upper lake was drained.

The fish stock in these ponds will be carefully managed to provide the best fishing experience for our members that we can.To protect the fish and the ponds, it is absolutely forbidden for anyone to release any fish into the ponds. Outside fish that are released into the ponds can spread diseases that can devastate the fish population in our ponds, also, adult fish would feast on the expensive fingerlings that we stocked the ponds with.

Virginia Dept of Game & Inland Fisheries


Bass Baiting by Season.pdf

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Tackling Bass Lure Basics.pdf

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