General Park Rules

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Izaak Walton League of Lynchburg


PARK USE: The park is for the exclusive use of members, their spouses and unmarried dependent children living in the member’s homes. ALL guests must be accompanied by a card bearing member at all times.

A member, or the member’s spouse, may bring guests into the Park. Each guest may visit two times per calendar year - then they are requested to become a Park member. The maximum number of such guests on any one day is limited to ten unless special permission is requested and granted by the Board of Directors.

Special visitor permits for individuals or organized groups may only be considered and issued by the Board of Directors. Requests for such permits must be made to the Board of Directors in sufficient time for the Board to take action on the request at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Parents and designated members are held responsible for the safety and conduct of all children.

MEMBERSHIP IDENTIFICATION: Two cards are issued to each member. The member must carry and present the original local card that bears their membership number. Members of his/her immmediate family (as defined in the first paragraph of these rules must carry and present the original national card). No photostatic copies of either card are valid. Any and all copies of the two membership cards will be confiscated immediately and admittance to the Park will be denied until the proper card is presented. The Park Supervisor and/or any designated staff member stationed at the Park entrance are charged by the Board of Directors to enforce all Park regulations. Failure to produce a current membership card may result in a request to leave the Park.

Keycards issued to Members for operation of the Park's automatic gates may be used ONLY by the assigned Member. The Member may have additional cards assigned to eligible family members upon paying the appropriate fees. "Loaning" the card(s) is prohibited and may result in loss of Park privileges.

PARK HOURS: The Park gate will be open when activities open to the public are scheduled.

MEMBER’S MOTOR VEHICLES : All motor vehicles must be parked in designated areas only and operated by licensed drivers only. No minibikes or other all terrain vehicles are allowed to be operated anywhere on Park property. No motor vehicles may be operated in the Park except on established roads and parking areas unless authorized by the Board of Directors . Well maintained golf carts(gas or electric) may be driven at posted speeds on established roads only. Charging of electric carts will be on owner's campsite only. If medically necessary, the Board of Directors may authorize use of carts in other accessible areas of the Park .

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Board of Directors may be given for a limited number of storage/boat/utility trailers and vehicles

too large to be parked on the member’s rented trailer site to be stored on site(s) designated by the

Board. Monthly fees to be posted in the Price Index.

RECREATION VEHICLES: There are to be no bicycles, skate boards or other wheeled toys

ridden in restricted areas such as the Pavilion, picnic areas, skeet and trap range and archery

range.(parents are to be responsible for their children’s actions.) All bicycles, etc. must be put

away when the dusk to dawn lights come on.

FIREARMS: Uncased firearms must be unloaded, with broken or open action. No Firearms are

permitted in the swimming or picnic areas at any time. Firearms may be discharged only at the

rifle range and at the skeet and trap fields. Posted rules must be strictly observed. While in

attendance, the range officer has the authority to interpret and enforce the rules that apply to safe

range use.

PETS: All pets must be on a leash or confined at all times while on Park property. No pets are

permitted in the picnic or beach areas. Pets are the responsibility of their owners. This includes

cleaning up after pets. Park insurance does not cover actions of pets. No aggressive or loud

animals will be allowed. Owners must have liability coverage for their animal(s) except for

service animals.

STRUCTURES: No structures are allowed on Park property without written permission from

the Board of Directors.

INTOXICANTS: Drinking of any alcoholic beverages (including beer) is prohibited

while on Park property. The use of any controlled drug that would constitute

a violation of Virginia State statutes or Federal statutes is prohibited on

Park property.

WATER SAFETY: The individual member is responsible for the safety of their family and

guests as well as their own safety. The following rules are to be obeyed at all times:


1. No swimming(a) alone, (b) beyond roped areas, (c) after 8 PM or before 7AM (d) from

boats or (e) in the upper lake.

2. Lifeguards may be on duty during the summer months (Memorial Day to Labor Day)

from 10 Am until 6 PM only. They are there for your added protection and not for

babysitting. They are authorized to stop any waterfront activity deemed dangerous to


3. Safety Equipment, used other than in emergencies, is to be handled only by authorized


4. Posted safety rules must be obeyed at all times.

5. No glass containers or bottles permitted on boats or on the beach or dock. All litter is to

be deposited in the trash containers.

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1. Park boats can be used by members age 18 or older. There is a two hour maximum if

others are waiting to use boat. Responsibility for the use of park boats by the

member’s children or others rests entirely with the member using the boat. Everyone

on boats must be wearing a life jacket. All state boat laws apply.

2. Private boats may be launched. (See Price Index for fee.) No boat motors are

permitted on the swimming lake at any time. The maximum number of occupants in a

boat at anytime should be no more than the boat is rated to handle.

3. Boats are not permitted in the roped-off swimming area.

4. The Park is not responsible for boats that are left on Park property.

5. Electric trolling motors are permitted on the fishing lake only.

LOST & FOUND: Anyone finding missing items in the Park should turn the item(s) in to the

Park Supervisor

TRASH: Members and guests are held responsible for stowing trash and for keeping the park

litter-free. No burning of trash in the trash cans is permitted in the picnic and lake area. No glass

items are allowed on the beach at any time. If a member schedules a large picnic, he/she is

responsible for providing the needed trash liners and taking trash to dumpster after event.

PRICE INDEX: The Price Index as referred to in any of the Park rules will consist of a listing

of fees for all Park activities and services. The Price Index will be reviewed and voted on

annually by the Board of Directors , with input from Park members and Committees. The

approved Price Index will be posted in prominent locations throughout the Park and copies

should be available from the Park Supervisor.

GENERAL: Members, their family and guests who participate in special activities and use

areas such as the rifle range, skeet and trap fields, campground and archery range, are subject to

the special rules as posted governing these special areas.

Do not deface or destroy trees or shrubbery. Be a good Waltonian. Practice conservation and

help protect our natural resources.

The Izaak Walton League of Lynchburg Charter states the following under Article I, Section 3:

“The membership of any member or officer may be declared forfeited or

cancelled and his membership card revoked by the Directors for acts of bad

character or for serious or repeated abuse or misuse of membership privileges or

for serious, deliberate and intentional acts of violation and contravention of the

purpose of this corporate body, as set forth in the charter.”

These rules are approved by the Park Board of Directors and are subject to revision by action of

the Board of Directors. These General Park Rules and the Park By-Laws supercede any other

Park rules. Specific exemptions may be approved by the Board upon request(i.e. special events).

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NOTE: All Park members and guests are to recognize the Board of Directors and Officers as the

governing body of the park and that the Park Supervisor is their on-site representative and is

responsible for enforcing all Park Rules. It is the Board of Directors duty to oversee the activities

of the various park committees and the Board of Directors duty and obligation to intercede as the

final arbiter for the good of the Park as a whole.



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