4. License policy

Perpetual Commercial license

The commercial license of the LwCad for Cinema 4D is perpetual. It is not time limited!

The commercial license can be used also without direct connection to the Internet once it is activated.

Time limited Trial license

The trial license of plugin LwCad for Cinema 4D is time limited. The license is valid 30 days from the date of activation!

The trial license can only be used with direct internet access.

License ownership identification

The commercial license of plugin LwCad for Cinema 4D is identified by an unique LwCad serial number and a registered user's email.

With the email and the serial number, owner is able to activate license or login to lwcad.com portal.

License Protection

The LwCad License for Cinema 4D is using real-time hardware lock protection.

One license seat can be used on multiple computers, but not at the same time!

Activation generates a seat that is locked by the current hardware at the current time.

When that same license seat is used on a different machine, license is automatically re-locked to the new machine.

Multiple seat license

One commercial license may have more than one seat.

The number of seats defines the number of users who can use this license on different machines at the same time.

Versioning & Upgrades

LwCad license version number consists of two parts.

Major number represents a year, and minor version represents a subversion.

License updates between the main numbers are usually paid.

License updates between sub-versions are always free of charge with the same year version.

License transfer

LwCad license can be transferred or sold to another user upon request.

A transfer fee may be charged!

Refund policy

The LwCad license can be returned within 7 days of purchasing the product for any reason, unless activated.

If the license is activated, a refund is no longer possible!

The product can be tested before purchase for 30 days in a fully functional trial mode!