I am Associate Professor in the Neuropsychology of Language at the University of Reading, UK. I run the Acquired Brain & Communication Disorders Lab with my colleagues Dr. Holly Robson & Dr. Arpita Bose.

I am a clinical academic (or clinician scientist). This means I am a practising clinician and an active researcher.

As well as research and teaching, I work as a Speech & Language Therapist in the Adult Speech & Language Therapy Clinic in the School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences. From January 2016 this clinic became part of the local NHS community Adult SLT service, so I can also work under an honorary contract with the NHS.

I completed a doctorate at University College London (UCL), with Professor Gabriella Vigliocco and then post-doctoral research with Professor Karalyn Patterson at the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, UK. I completed training to be an SLT at UCL between 2008 and 2010, before starting my post at the University of Reading.

The British Aphasiology Society

A national interest group formed to foster the study of aphasia and promote development of the range of clinical services for people with aphasia. They run excellent conferences / events, and provide support to clinicians, academics and professionals working with aphasia. I was a committee member from 2013-2019.

Clinical Academics in SLT

Grassroots organisation to provide support, mentoring and opportunities for Speech & Language Therapists interested in developing research skills, research projects or research as part of their careers. I am one of the founding members.