Lotte Meteyard

ABCD Lab at the University of Reading.

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Need to find control sites for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation studies?

I am delighted to announce a preprint! A collaboration with Nick Holmes (University of Nottingham, The Hand Lab) mapping annoyance, pain and muscle twitches caused by TMS. Data is intended for use in selecting control sites for TMS studies. All the data is available on an interactive website and the article preprint is available at bioRxiv

Recent publications (request manuscripts)

Alameer, M., Meteyard, L., & Ward, D. (2017). Stuttering generalization self-measure: preliminary development of a self-measuring tool. Journal of Fluency Disorders.

Wairagkar, M., McCrindle, R., Robson, H., Meteyard, L., Sperrin, M., Smith, A., & Pugh, M. (2017). MaLT–Combined Motor and Language Therapy Tool for Brain Injury Patients Using Kinect. Methods of Information in Medicine, 56(2), 127-137.

PhD Supervision

If you are interested in pursuing a dissertation project or PhD with me or any of the Lab PIs, please get in touch. I am interested in supervising projects in any area of my research interests.

Current doctoral students

Willemijn Doedens - 'Functional communication in Aphasia'. Co-supervision with Dr. Arpita Bose.

Luke Kendrick - 'Executive function and rehabilitation in Aphasia'. Co-supervision with Dr. Holly Robson.

Madhawi Altaib - 'Assessment of speech production in arabic speaking individuals with aphasia'. Co-supervision with Prof. Theo Marinis

Previous doctoral students

Catherine Godbold - 'Non-word errors in jargon aphasia: Exploring the underlying mechanisms'. Awarded 2016. Co-supervision with Dr. Arpita Bose.

Mohammad Alameer - 'Anxiety and motor speech treatments of stammering'. Awarded 2015. Co-supervision with Dr. David Ward.