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Article in the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapist's Bulletin

What is a clinical academic career anyway? Written with the Clinical Academics in SLT group. Copy of the article above

Preprint of new review paper available

Doedens, W. J., & Meteyard, L. (2018, July 31). The importance of situated language use for aphasia rehabilitation. Preprint for download here

A position paper in which we review current approaches to functional communication / real-life language use in aphasia, and call for a change in how we approach this critical part of assessment and rehabilitation for people with aphasia.

PhD & Project Supervision

If you are interested in pursuing a dissertation project or PhD with me or any of the Lab PIs, please get in touch. I am interested in supervising projects in any area of my research interests and in supporting Speech Therapists to complete projects as part of their ongoing clinical practice.

Current doctoral students

Willemijn Doedens - Working title: Functional communication in Aphasia. Co-supervision with Dr. Arpita Bose.

Mariam Alorifan - Working title: The interaction between semantic and articulatory processes in speech production. Co-supervision with Dr. Arpita Bose.

Submitted Madhawi Altaib - 'The feasibility of Using Telepractice Delivery Method to Assess People with Aphasia in Gulf Arabic Countries (Saudi Arabia and Kuwait). Co-supervision with Prof. Theo Marinis

Submitted Luke Kendrick - 'Beyond language: Executive control and learning abilities in non-fluent aphasia'. Co-supervision with Dr. Holly Robson.

Previous doctoral students

Catherine Godbold - 'Non-word errors in jargon aphasia: Exploring the underlying mechanisms'. Awarded 2016. Co-supervision with Dr. Arpita Bose.

Mohammad Alameer - 'Anxiety and motor speech treatments of stammering'. Awarded 2015. Co-supervision with Dr. David Ward.