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Narration can captivate you ... or it can make you run.  

If you are looking for a narrative voice with warmth and clarity - one that conveys conviction, or delight, with confidence and expression -  I would love to talk with you about how I can support you in communicating the tone and energy you desire.  

 Top video Narrations from 2020
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The narrator's voice and vision is nothing short from perfection.  Thank you 😀 Robert Barrios

I want to hire this narrator to read me a story every night for the rest of my life. 136 likes Tracy J. Swanson

Elisabeth Firestone, the most enjoyable and articulate voice in the English language... possibly ALL languages. RonRay

I can listen to this narrator 24/7 356 days. Yubraj Shahi

what ever the subject matter , that voice is always confident and attractive  enu de guise

 All videos commissioned to, researched,  written & narrated by Lisa.

Interesting mystery. You may not believe .. BUT, one thing is certain - the narration by E Firestone (is that a real name?) is brilliant - clear, words paused and stressed in all the right places and importantly, NOT rushed.  This should be the voice heard on all informative videos and documentaries! - Keith Naylor

Omg! I love this narrator,  she is the very best on u tube hands down.  I could listen to her read the friggin alphabet!!

What a great story teller you are. I love your loving and honest voice . . . . Your videos are amazingly good with a truly sharing voice for the good of all palmtreeleebythesea

Congratulations. The best I’ve seen on the subject ever!  (the voice & tone of the narrator makes it perfect.) thank you. Y H

you need to get this voice lady back full time.. none of your other narrators have game. fr3@kb!+¢h

That voice could make you believe anything. Joe R

This is one of the best videos I've seen produced on YouTube. A great pleasant voice giving a simple easy paced guide throughout the entire film Jim Barrett

Did Universe Inside you just makes Physics Sexy?   I think so!! Kyla Crush


I love this Narrator so much,  She is so amazing, And very easy to understand   FantasyMindedMan

My favorite narrator.  You always make what I'm watching so much more interesting. ❤  Denise Martinez

I love her voice and the way  she speaks with expression!!!😏 freshlystealthy45

Best narration voice ever.  Better than Morgan what’s his name. I would listen to her tell me about anything.
Brandon Serna

I almost didn't watch this.  Man am I glad i clicked.  What a tremendously thought provoking presentation!  Stunning!