Lisa Firestone

Transformation and healing begin in the heart

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Healing & Transformation begin in the heart

Welcome to my site!  My name is Lisa Firestone, and I am a musical artist, certified holistic coach, NVC trainer candidate and narrator.  I'm also a survivor devoted to supporting others seeking personal transformation.  

Getting "unstuck" can be exceptionally difficult after trauma, crisis, or seeming wrong turns on life's journey.   Having come through unfathomable challenges myself, I've been graced with physical and emotional healing I didn't think was possible.  My life now is committed to supporting others who long for some ray of hope when it seems out of reach.   The journey requires a return to our heart, and it's my honor to share the tools and principles that made my own transformation possible.

If you are seeking personal or community support in healing, it is my privilege to support you with music and messages, private or group coaching, and communication workshops.  My intention is to support you in clarifying what matters to you, in creating systems that inspire and draw you into your purpose and highest calling.  If you would like to see challenges with new eyes, feel the joy expressing your truth authentically, the epiphany of hearing others compassionately, to experience richer, more meaningful connection --  it is my privilege to support you or your community with private or group coaching, or heart-opening music.

"Lisa Firestone added music to the workshop - what a gift!
She is a walking demonstration of healing...having a knowledge of wholeness
while walking through a terrible medical condition. 
We call it a miracle; it is spiritual law.  It is her demonstration of the truth of being:
. . .'I’m not going to be undone by circumstances; there’s so much more to me than this!'
Remarkable.  And inspiring me! "
-Linda Martella Whitsett, former President, Silent Unity, Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village