We first contacted Debbie when we had concerns regarding our child's lack of speech. We felt there was too little support available from local services. Since Debbie has been involved we now have a happy and content child who can communicate. The support she offered us not only helped our child immensely but she taught us so much which has empowered us to confidently support our child both at home and at school. Debbie gave us the skills to unlock our child's communication. Her passion for SLT is infectious and she takes such joy in every milestone our child reaches. She is a joy to work with and we can't recommend her enough.

Parent of preschool child with autism

Thank you very much for your work with T. He has indeed come along a lot with his speech, confidence and attitude to work towards it. He adores you and is always looking forward to his next session with you. You have a great balance of play and work and you built a great relationship with T. And it's great that I can do some homework with him every day.

Parent of reception child with speech difficulties

When I became a parent, I thought I knew the route life would take, but an autism diagnosis for my son changed that. I still had the most beautiful boy who if anything I loved more because of his diagnosis, but it was like waking up in France instead of at home. Everything was slightly different. The language around his development wasn't the same. His needs were different. He hit milestones at different times to expected. The interventions he had at pre-school were new to me. It was painful to witness assessments that on purpose took him to the edge to see how he'd react. And following these, a prognosis of no more than functional speech was hard to accept. But I was lucky enough to have Debbie on hand. She guided me through so many processes and gave such clear and kind advice on how we could make things easier not just for our son, but for the whole family. She helped me understand him and his needs which enabled me to communicate with him on a deeper level than we ever had before. Debbie was not just there for my son, she was there for me as Mum to Mum and she continues to be. Debbie's care enables families to understand their children's needs, which in turn makes happier children because they have more confident parents. I am pleased to say that my son has come on leaps and bounds and is doing well at school, and so much of this I am sure is that he knows we can understand him and his needs, most of the time. Debbie has a huge roll to play in this.

Parent of child with autism now in school